All of our 50 runs are 16ft long by 4ft wide.

Yes we are open monday - friday 9am - 11am / 5pm - 6pm,
saturdays 9am - 11am, sundays (and bank holidays) 10am - 11:30am

The only documentation we require for your cat(s) to be able to stay with us is a valid vaccination certificate; if you do not have one your vet can provide you with the relevant paperwork.

No all our pens can cater up to 4 cats from the same family.

Unfortunately due to the complexity of possible combinations of food types given by vets we do not provide this for your animal; however we will give the required food if provided to us by the owner.

No, our staff will provide the required medication to your animal; please inform our staff upon arrival with your animal. Diabetic animals catered for including insulin injections.

Yes we are covered with Petplan Insurance. We charge a compulsory £3 per cat per stay (Not Per Day) covering each animal up to £1500 each whilst with us with NO EXCESS to pay; meaning no nasty vet bills waiting for when you come home from your holidays.

This is probably the most common question we get asked; the answer is they will be perfectly fine; in fact a lot of our regular visitors now see our cattery as home from home; we guarantee to give them just as much attention and love as they get at home.

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